“Family isn’t about whose blood you have. It’s whom you care about.” 
– Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Phone: (847) 933-4232
Email: Dov@rfginsure.com

Dov works to protect your life’s “equity”: your family, income, business & assets. As the needs of each person & each business deserve individualized solutions, obtaining the best advice and best value in an already complex marketplace can be daunting. Dov sees it as his mission to make that effort as educational and easy as possible. Armed with the industry’s deepest and most established resources, Dov enjoys working with clients and their existing advisors.

Dov received a degree in Finance from Yeshiva University in 1998 and continues to pursue insurance industry credentials. Following an entrepreneurial venture in college, Dov delivered corporate-scale eBusiness solutions to insurance advisors. There, he first encountered the impact of personal client service leading Dov to join a prominent NYC-based insurance wealth-transfer firm, the National Madison Group. Wishing to serve his own clientele, he completed a training program with Axa-Equitable and subsequently returned to Chicago to work with his family business, the Robinson Financial Group.

On the personal side, Dov enjoys playing in softball and basketball leagues, spending time with his wife Jessica & son Etai and devotes time to non-profits, including service as a board member to an organization that provides religious education for adults & children.