“Treat others as you would treat yourself.” 
– Ethics of the fathers

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RFG is a relationship-driven firm. “That’s the difference between value v. commodity, and the measure of value is having client relationships consistently turn into friendships over three generations. New strategies, out of the box thinking, wrapped up in the highest degree of ethics and professionalism.”

When he was ten years old Elliott watched his father Shelly, an accountant by training, begin his new career in the insurance business. He witnessed how much fulfillment his father enjoyed, meeting new people and helping them solve financial issues to protect loved ones. Honesty and integrity was Shelly’s philosophy of always doing the right thing for the client. No surprise, after completing his own accounting degree from Roosevelt University Elliott chose to work beside his father. Over the next 35 plus years, the lessons learned about family, caring for others, honesty and charity are now being applied and will continue to the next 30 years of serving RFG clients by the generation three and beyond. Elliott is an expert “protection specialist” creative in the world of wealth protection, employee compensation programs and solving personal and corporate needs.

Elliott’s private life revolves around his wife, three daughters, two sons, and several grandchildren. Elliott is recognized as a leader in the charitable community, having chaired numerous fundraisers, “giving back” to those less fortunate and his continuous commitment to Chicago area charities, private education, and social issues. Among these many organizations, he has served as a board member of the Jewish Federation of Chicago, a trustee of Keshet School for special needs children, One Israel Fund, and a past president of Hillel Torah Day School and Camp Moshava.