“Treat each client how you would like to be treated – by listening.” 

Phone: 847.933.4230
Email: jeff@rfginsure.com

With his knowledge and experience, Jeff helps clients manage the financial impact of life’s risks as well as life’s rewards. If there is one common thread he finds among clients, it’s that they are paying more than they need to, or getting less than they deserve. But even though they all share this, each client’s circumstances remain unique. “I learned long ago to treat every client how I want to be treated. And that starts with listening to how each one thinks and feels.”

Jeff had always felt a strong inclination to follow the success of his family members in the insurance field. He joined RFG over 20 years ago, and obtained his CLU in 1998. He is proudest of how the firm’s diverse resources and skills can be applied, with equal effectiveness, to very large companies as well as individuals.

Jeff and his wife, a Registered Nurse, have three children, all die-hard and devoted Cubs fans. Jeff is on the Board of several nonprofit religious and community organizations.